Did A Car Dealership Or Repair Shop Cheat You?

I am ready to put more than 10 years of experience in car dealership fraud to work for you, if you have suffered due to deception or unfair practices.

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Auto Repair Fraud

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Deceptive Trade Practices

Fighting Auto Dealership Fraud In Florida

If you or a loved one has fallen victim to auto repair/dealer fraud or deceptive/unfair trade practices, the situation can be extremely emotional, as well as financially catastrophic. I believe that it is important that people are fairly compensated when they are victimized.

I am lawyer Roger D. Mason, II, and I am ready to put more than a decade of legal experience to work for you.

Although I practice in several areas, I focus on auto dealership fraud because I spent five years doing a significant number of cases defending car dealerships. This gave me a unique insight into how dealerships operate and how to litigate cases against them. I am prepared to use this knowledge to protect consumers.

Taking A Personal And Aggressive Approach To Your Case

In every case, I handle every aspect personally, from answering the phone to responding to all emails. This hands-on approach allows me to fully understand all details related to a case, from financing disclosures, service contract pricing and other failures to disclose.

I take an aggressive stance with auto dealerships. They won’t pay anything unless you light a fire under them, so I need to be aggressive. This approach, combined with my comprehensive knowledge, has arrived at substantial success for clients. I am ready to apply it to your case.

I Only Get Paid If You Do, And I Offer Flexible Appointments

I offer weekend and evening consultations by appointment and work solely on contingency — I do not collect any attorney’s fees unless you collect the compensation and accountability you deserve. Depending on circumstances, my representation may be done via email where clients never even have to come into the office. I strongly encourage you to reach out if you have questions.

To schedule a free initial consultation with me, Roger D. Mason, II, call 813-304-2131 or email my Tampa law firm.